Message from The Chairman

This year just like we have done before, I am very pleased to report that the company has performed strongly against both its financial and operational targets.


New Strategy

The past few years has seen our Board and management working together to sharpen our strategy and ensure there is alignment in our aspirations and goals. As the fastest growing bus transportation company in Limpopo, I am still pleased to realize that all efforts are still focused on our vision, which is to “become the leading bus transport operator in Limpopo”. Along with our objective to develop a sustainable and cost effective employee empowerment model,

Our strategy focuses on three key strands of activity; providing a reliable and safe service, which is affordable and dependable by all our passengers. As a company we are still committed to providing a good environment for ALL our customers. This has been reinforced by our decision to take our drivers for customer care trainings, something which we have never done in the same scale that we are doing

Regular bus maintenance has improved our capacity to deliver and fulfill all our promises to the shareholders as well as the Limpopo dept of transport who is our employer.


New Management

In 2014, the board realized that management had come to an abrupt stagnation and the board of directors decided that Kopano Bus Service as a company has enough capacity and skills internally to continue with the operations.

As the board, we further decided to appoint an Executive Director who will look after the day to day running of the company and I am happy to report that Olivia Maponya has been given a huge task of managing the daily affairs of the business with a set of goals and targets to be achieved.

She will be assisted by a Management Team to ensure that all the company operations work towards the achievement of a specific goal. So far I have already observed that the executive director and her management team are coming up with new ideas like strategic planning sessions to redefine the new path that the company is embarking on and the realization of our new strategy.

When you work with a motivated team in business things becomes so easy. That is why as the board we will continue to motivate our employees to do well by encouraging them with bonuses during the year end functions.

Over the last several years, we have reviewed and amended our governance structure – building on existing strong foundations which existed since 2001. 2014 saw the first year of the newly created Management team under the Executive director. This presented an opportunity for us to run the affairs of our business independently after Great North gave us the first contract to operate 10% of their routes as part of empowering Black Transport Operators in Limpopo.



As the board chair I would like to appreciate Olivia Maponya and her executive team for continuing to lead the company with great focus, energy and distinction, and I thank them for their commitment to ensuring the business maintains its market-leading position. I also extend my appreciation to the management and staff from both our depots for their contribution to another highly successful year for our business.

A big “Thank You” to my fellow directors for their active participation in board and committee meetings, and for providing valuable insight and oversight.

The relationships with our external stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders and funders, suppliers and industry regulators, are critical to the sustainability of the business and I thank them for their continued support and engagement.

Kopano Board members receiving 2017 PMR Awards in diamond and gold

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