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Bus drivers and all staff members of Kopano Bus Service took some time off their busy schedule to attend an Employee Wellness Day programme organised by the company at headoffice on the 15 and at Lebowakgomo depot on the 16 September 2017.

Explaining the purpose of the day, Kopano Bus service Executive Director, Olivia Maponya said; “The main purpose of the event is to educate all employees about the importance of their wellness both financial and health wise.”

Kopano Directors: Mr Malefo, Mr Mahlangu, Ms Maponya and Motivational Speaker L Mphahlele

She further said that It was the first time this year that the company board and management decided to dedicate a day in order to conscientise employees about the importance of maintaining good life styles as well as managing their finances properly.
Professional nurses form Momentum Health were also invited on site during the day to assist in checking health conditions of employees. Special health assessment included; Waist Circumference, which is used as a way to check the risk of developing coronary heart diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, High Blood pressure, is a risk as it can damage one’s artery walls and increase risk of developing blood clots,

Cholestorol , can cause a blockage in the arteries by making the arties narrower thereby reducing the blood flow to the heart and to the brain which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Glucose, high glucose also increases the risk of developing coronary artery diseases as well as nerve damage that can cause foot problems and kidney failure.

Momentum official explaining the wellness benefits to Kopano staff

Body Mass Index, shows the relationship between height and weight and is a significant predictor of coronary diseases such as heart attacks and stokes. The main task of the nurses was not just to screen employees but also assist them in understanding their health risks and interpretation of their results. For the 2 days, more than 150 employees went through the tests and some realised the immediate benefit of knowing their health status on the day without waiting for days for results to come through.

The Chairman of the board, Mr Herman Mangwale as well as other directors who were present went for their health check as well. The day was also dedicated to address issues of

financial wellness for the employees which included things like disability,life and funeral covers. All workers benefits were explained to the workers by Rasemanana Finacial services a brokerage financial advisory firm that is in charge of all Kopano Bus services employees.

Kopano Bus Service management team with Momentum staff members

Pension benefits and how employees can claim at the end of their services were fully explained. The diference between beneficiaries and nominees were thoroughly explained by mr Rasemana from rasemana financial services. Mr rasemana also emphasised that all Kopano bus services employees were given a disability cover up to the age of 65.

Workers contributiontions as well as company contributions to the funds and the cliaim procedures when a need arises were also explained. Towards the end of the day, workers were given a word of encouragement and motivation by one of Limpopo’s revered speker, Leshere Mphahlele.

He titled his talk “Put on a garment of serventhooD”
in which he encouraged all employees to have the spirit of service to others as well as their customers.

There was plenty of food in the form of ‘braai vlies’ and all employees and company directors enjoyed the meal for the day that was prepared by employees themselves.

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